Thursday, 12 November 2009

First post

Despite being off on holiday from work this week, I've found myself getting up earlier than I would have had it been a normal work week - all in the name of photography. For wildlife this is the best time to catch a lot of animals. For landscapes, it's part of the 'golden hour', where the light is just right.


Today I decided on the former option as the forecast was for 'sunny' weather and so decided to visit one of the local hides there is in the area, which I hadn't been to for some time, in the hope of photographing the often elusive Kingfisher. When I arrived it was dull, damp and grey - not good photography weather, but soon after I settled, the Kingfisher appeared on the pond the hide overlooked. Unfortunately, it was spending most of its time out of sight around the edges, despite there being a couple of conveniently positioned poles directly in front of the hide, for it to fish from, so I could get a good photo.


After three hours patiently waiting and photographing the other, not so shy wildlife, I got a lucky break in both the weather and the Kingfishers posing, when the sun came out and it stopped for a few minutes, just where I needed it, and managed to take a few half decent pictures.



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