Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back to the Coast

With all the calories put on over Christmas, I thought I would take a trip down to the coast, near St. Marys Lighthouse as I had earlier on in the month, in the hope to burn some of the festivals excesses off.  The time and conditions were almost identical to the last time I came – early morning, cold and mostly overcast only this time it was much more windier making it feel a lot colder.  On this occasion, I also decided to bring different photographic equipment as I was more interested in photographing any wildlife there may have been around.

However, I did decide to take the opportunity to photography the sunrise again, but unlike last time, the sun didn’t show, so I thought I would try something different and use a 10 stop ND filter to create a long exposure effect and salvage a worthwhile image.  The below image ended up being around four and a half minutes long.



A short walk and I found some shore birds feeding, and with the tide coming in I decided to sit myself down and wait for them to come into photographic distance of my lens.  After about an hour and a half (and a very cold, damp backside) I had taken an ample number of photographs under dull and difficult conditions resulting in nothing particularly exciting, (see below) and after the inevitable dog came bounding along and chased all the birds away, I decided to call it a day.

TBP_1824 TBP_1883 TBP_1837 TBP_1814TBP_1840 TBP_1818


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