Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Winters Summers day

Despite the prospect of a somewhat windy day, I decided to brave the elements and head out to the coast although a last minute check on the forecast showed the likely hood of rain as well.  Out by 7.00am, I reached St. Marys, a section of coastline by Whitley Bay, by 8.00am just in time for it to start raining.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, as I approached the beach the wind was becoming much stronger (the forecast had 40 mph plus winds in the morning), it was also forecasted at only around 8 degrees and with the wind-chill, it certainly felt at least that.  By the time the scene below came to view, I was having serious doubts about the wisdom of my choice of timing and location, thinking I could right now, be comfy and snug in a warm bed instead of being out at a time not fit for man nor beast.


Surprisingly, as I reached the waters edge, there were a large number of Gulls ‘playing chicken’ with the waves that were covering the last remnants of the beach and was able to take a few pictures before they flew up the coast. With a growing urge to ‘leg it’ back home, I thought since I was already here, I would have a quick look along the cliffs to where the Gulls had flown. 



Despite struggling to keep on my feet because of the strong wind and with a sharp drop to my right to water below and probably only the weight of my camera equipment preventing me from taking off, I reached a relatively sheltered area. I settled down and watched as a large assortment of birds rode the waves.  It was difficult taking photos due to the strong wind blowing my lens around plus a combination of rain and sea spray hitting the front of my lens, but between wipes and pushing my cameras ISO up to 1600 I was able to get some half decent images.


Surfing, Seagull style


TBP_5790        TBP_5792


No improvement of the weather a couple of hours later


With the rain becoming more frequent and not too sure as to the effects of continued exposure of salt spray to my lens, I decided to walk back hoping that maybe the weather might still improve.  I spent another twenty minutes partly sheltered from the worst of the wind at one of the points overlooking St Marys wetland.  Little was stirring.  A week ago when I was out, the air was full of the noise of songbirds but today there was nothing.  During a all too brief burst of sunshine a young Rabbit ventured out, but not for long as the rain came again and it was gone.  I too decided enough was enough and, wet and windswept made my way back home.


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  1. The posting would not have looked out of place in February!!
    Some very moody images.
    I made myself a hot Bovril after reading.