Sunday, 24 April 2016

Waiting for Spring...Still!

Spring seems to be making a reluctant appearance this year, as so far, does the wildlife.  This weekend, much like last, was cold with temperatures not even reaching double figures and a trip to the woods found an erie lack of sightings of activity though the birds were very vocal.  Two brief sightings were all to show from four hours of looking and waiting for Roe Deer and only one brief photo opportunity.  Probably the most common animal, certainly mammal about, were Grey Squirrels.  Apart from one that seemed interested in me, most seemed to be ‘sunbathing’, stretched out on parts of the trees in the sunshine, presumably trying to get warmed up.  The second image below looks like a Squirrel coming down a tree, but in fact it remained motionless there for a number of minutes.  Strange that it would do this upside down.

Elsewhere there were a couple of young rabbits bounding about and a more cautious adult making the occasional appearance.  The best photo opportunity came in the form of a couple of Rats who, nervous at first ended up being co-operative subjects for my camera, if not very glamorous.

Grey Squirrel
Roe Deer
Brown Rat
Brown Rat


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