I love spending time on the net looking at websites, galleries and forums.  Apart from being useful for resources and information, some sites help give me inspiration and, when I’m down and low on spirit to ‘get out there’, motivation.  Many of these sites I have bookmarked, have come and gone in popularity and interest for me but others remain and I regularly visit.

Although most of the galleries have the option selling their prints, I prefer to stay away from commercial photographers.  Personally, I think if you are trying to sell your images and have to make a living out of what you are doing, you loose something – a connection with your subject, the freedom to do what you want – I don’t know, but those sites I’ve just not found interesting.  Most of those professional photographers sites I have visited, just seem more about selling their latest book, tours, etc., and do little to show off their images.  Laurie Campbell is an exception for me as I do like his photography and he has genuine talent.

Although the sites are not listed in any particular order of favourites, Walter Barthélemi is at the top as he has become the photographer I admire the most and whose images can either inspire me or depress me because because it makes me realise how poor my own photography is in comparison.

My favourite blog is Eric Weight because it’s the closest to the way I like to do mine only he does it better.  A mixture of photographic and wildlife interest and makes a very interesting read as well as the great visual images.

Websites Galleries

Walter Barthélemi

My favourite wildlife photographer.  Many of the more ‘famous’ and well known photographers, I find just too boring and commercial – Walters images you can just relate to and seem very natural.  His video photography is also amazing and very atmospheric. Walter Barthélemi site

Jody Melanson

Mainly wildlife photographer from Alberta, Canada, manages to take amazing photographs of birds with similar equipment as myself yet does it much better!  I like his type of photography as it is not only technically very good but also visually appealing. Jody-Melanson


Allon Kira

I’ve linked this directly to his Kingfisher photographs which he manages to take with only a 300mm lens and converter and, until recently, ‘only’ a 20D camera. I also love good Kingfisher photographs and he has some of the best.Allon-Kira

Dirk Jürgensen

Dirk manages to produce some amazing landscapes from views that most of us would not see if we were out for a walk and all with modest Olympus equipment.Dirk-Jürgensen


Henry Liu

Another Canadian photographer whose landscapes have fabulous colour and depth in them, even more amazing considering he’s only been taking them since 2005. Henry-Liu

Israel Fichman

A mixture of great images especially the landscapes and Kingfisher photographs



Eric Weight

His blogs are called field journals because that’s what they are – a record of his exploits out in the field with his camera.Eric Weight


Another local blogger and an enjoyable read as I particularly like his way of thinking.Johnnykinson



There’s a number of local bloggers whose blogs I like to read regularly and this is one.  Like the others, it’s not only a good source of local information but a good read.PC-Wonderings

Owl’s about that then!

Paul Riddles blogger on mostly owls. I struggle to see any of these and he sees them all the time! It’s also been interesting over the time I have visited his site, to see how much his photography has improved as well.Owls about that then!


The early birder

Recently discovered blog from Mark Chivers which has some very nice photographs of mostly birds.


Major Wildlife Photography

Norfolk wildlife photographer with some nice bird and mammal images.


Other websites of interest


Good forum discussion, galleries to look at and user equipment reviews.Fredmiranda


Similar to fredmiranda and somewhere where you can upload some of your own images and have some friendly comments.




Pbase is a great source of information.  If you are interested in buying a lens or camera you can use this site to search for it and then see images taken from the galleries.  The galleries themselves also have some amazing images.Pbase


Most of my cameras and lenses have been used rather than brand new.  This is a site I have brought all of those from and have been impressed with their prices and service.MPB


Although no longer with us, a photographer well worth mentioning is Fred Hazelhoff, one of whose books - The Four Seasons - I got at an early age and loved his style of photography, a style and way of photography that seems to have been lost.