Monday 26 August 2019

Who's Stalking Who?

I haven’t been out much this summer, but couldn’t resist what might be a last gasp spell of warm weather this bank holiday weekend.  I thought I’d try my luck with Foxes again although at this time of year the cubs dispersed, so making it less likely to see a Fox than it was a couple of months ago.  Luck have it, after a couple of hours a Fox made an appearance in the distance. 

I spent the next hour moving from one position to another trying to get into a place where I would get a perfect view point but each time I did, it proved that moving was a mistake as had I stayed put, I would have previously had the perfect view.  Finally, after nearly deciding to give, on seeing the Fox moving towards the spot I’d just moved from, I rushed back, though not hopeful of getting back there in time.

After around a 100 metre sprint, with a heavy 500mm lens plus camera and equipment, I got back at the spot where it was almost certainly going to pass by.  I was sure it would have already passed and my unstealthily heavy breathing as I tried to catch my breath, would probably scare it away anyway.  No sooner that I got there, it appeared and caught sight of me but instead of running off, it actually started to slowly walk towards me, as if stalking me and had an intense stare – very unnerving!  After a minute staring at me it disappeared before quickly reappearing and after another stare, was off.