Sunday, 19 August 2018

A Farne Island Re-look

Every year I try and visit the Farne Islands.  Unfortunately this year I was unable to, especially disappointing as the weather has been particularly dry and sunny.  However, with newer and better software, I have been re-looking at some of my images from previous year and processed them again giving them a ‘fresh lick of paint’.  Some of these I had already processed before, such as the first one but others I’ve looked at from a fresh view.  I’ve put together a few, mostly of Puffins, of my favourites below.

Hopefully next year I’ll make it back there.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

In A Sea of Grass

A recent deluge of rain after a couple of months of almost none has given the the plants and grass a sudden sprout of growth though still not as tall and lushes as you would normally expect at this time of year.  Still, it means it’s easier to see the local wildlife.  Having said that, my first hour was spent watching a loan Rabbit which, despite my use of a net as a cover, I think it new I was there though didn’t seem particularly bothered.  Every now and then it would poke its head up and sniff the air as if there was a scent if was unsure about.

When it started to seem like all the morning would show would be this single Rabbit, from my left I saw a streak of red brown moving through the tall grass.  Although I could only see the very top, it could be only one thing, a Fox and it was heading in the same direction as the unsuspecting Rabbit.  A brief stop in an ideally located spot in the grass meant I managed to grab a quick snatch image before it plunged down again.

It disappeared for a while and I watched the line it was following, expecting it to come out at a spot near the Rabbit, it didn’t, instead making a 45 degree change of direction and headed away from me.  As it headed off, it wasn’t being very obliging for me although a quick look back meant I could at least get another quick couple of shots. I watched it for a further twenty minutes or so in the distance whilst it hunted for rodents with clearly some success as I could see it rummaging around in the undergrowth followed by a violent shaking of the head and some chomping on whatever it had found.

Eventually it went on its way leaving the Rabbit remaining completely oblivious as to how close it came to being a possible meal for the Fox though it’s quite likely the Fox could have continued on its original path and completely miss the unsuspecting Rabbit in the dense undergrowth.