Friday 4 September 2020

A Return

It's been a while since last posting. Not really sure if people are interested in looking at blogs anymore with social media replacing it. A lot of blogs I used to look at, also haven't posted anything in a long time. The last year has also seen a move for me and of course the lockdown, making getting out difficult. This has however, forced me to look locally for photo opportunities. 

The area is a mixture of built up residential and farmland but this is largely surrounded by the housing areas, so is quite isolated.  Just before lockdown I was able to go out to scout around the area for potential wildlife, but in late winter, it felt very bleak and with little around, so I wasn't hopeful.

After being stuck inside for months and we were able to go out with less restrictions, I got out with my camera by which time it was early summer and the area was transformed.  The most obvious of any hopeful opportunities was the abundance of Rabbits around the area, although extremly skittish.  Despite using the 'silent' shutter option on my camera, it would be enough for one click and the Rabbits would be off.  I would then have to wait up to 30-40 minutes again before any would return.

All the images were taken during the summer at around sunrise, so before there was too many people around to disturb them...and me.  The image two above, was taken of a Rabbit who seems a bit more plucky than some of the others as it seems more tolerant of the sound of my shutter.  I've seen it a few times, recognised by the left ear which has a bit missing.  Hopefully this won't be it's downfall as, on a recent visit I was surprised by a visiting Fox.

It was only a brief encounter, but gave me hope of taking pictures of which is probably my faviourite animal to see and photograph.

This was only my first sighting of a Fox after nearly three months so, unlike my usual location to photograph them, they presumably weren't common.

I have also seen the occassional Roe Deer though only ever individuals and the fields.

Hopefully, I'll start to post a bit more often now that I'm getting out again and as I continue to explore my local area.