Monday 20 June 2022

Watching Barn Owls

In recent weeks I've been spending some early mornings watching, and occasionally, when lucky, photographing a Barn Owl.  Having never seen one at this location (though my trail camera picked it up once at night), I’m guessing the recent views during daylight hours are due to the requirements of feeding the young and so was hunting as late as after 7:00am.

It seemed to be having a good amount of success as it was hunting for twenty or so minutes before catching something and then heading off, to return over an hour later.  At the weekend I spotted it on arrival at the location at 4:15am and as regular as clockwork it returned at 5:15am, 6:15am and finally 7:15am, give or take a few minutes.

Most of the time it was too far away to get a decent picture but occasionally it flew nearby, seemingly indifference to my presence.  Even if I couldn't have photographed it, it was a great spectical to sit and watch on a quiet summers morning.  Sometimes it's not all about getting an image, that's just a bonus.