Friday, 8 July 2011

Enjoying the Sun

With the weather forecasted as being cloudy with thundery showers I kitted myself up for some atmospheric landscape images and left early this morning. I really must stop taking any notice of the weather forecast – it was a dry, sunny morning, no rain or dark moody clouds for that inspirational image!  I decided then to make the most of the sun on the last day of my holiday.  Enjoying the warmth and the sounds of Skylarks and Warblers, I noticed in the long grass in the distance a moving shape of some ears, poking up briefly followed by the slinking shape of a Fox moving across from me.
Unfortunately I hadn’t packed my long lens, only bringing my 400 in the off chance and I had just, last week, lost my teleconverter so was unable to fill the frame, not that it would have made a difference, the Fox was hidden in the long summer grass and only got a glimpse when it stopped to raise its head or moved into a less overgrown spot.

Image left, can barely see the head & right just the foxes back moving on


After the Fox disappeared into the undergrowth, I was about to move off when a second, third, fourth and a fifth Fox appeared – a family of a male and female with at least three large cubs which then stopped tantalisingly in front of me, a distance away, two far away to get decent pictures with the 400 lens but also mostly hidden by the grass making focusing difficult which I had to do manually and pre guess where I thought they would pop up briefly. 

The images below are not technically good due to the focusing problems and cropping.  If only I had my long lens and converter!


Fox cubs playing with a plastic bag!


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