Sunday, 3 June 2012

It’s summer…I think!

It’s the beginning of June, it’s damp, it’s grey it’s windy and it’s barely 10 degrees, yes, it’s summer, still I thought I’d venture out early this morning.  It was strange – it looked like winter, it felt like winter, but there were sounds of summer – Skylarks and Warblers could be heard but not seen, taking shelter from the wind.  I wondered why I wasn’t smart enough to be doing the same thing at this time in morning.  The occasional Swallow flew overhead, optimistically looking for any insects. 

As I approached one patch of bushes I could hear one Warbler, very enthusiastically singing its amazing song, but was unable to see it.  Often they’re perched on top of a branch or bush, but presumably the wind prevented that on this occasion.  After searching for a while I spotted it in the cover of the bush so I sat back, made myself confortable and waited in the hope it would show itself a bit more.  Eventually, as if for the camera, it broke cover and allowed me to photograph it as it went from one vantage point to another, singing virtually none stop as it was blown around on its perches.

After around 30 minutes, it stopped, seemed to look at me as if to say that’s your lot, and flew away.  With that I too decided to take my leave, Hopefully, June will finally see an improvement in the weather this year.



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