Monday, 11 May 2015

Messing with Seascapes

It’s been a quiet year so far for photography.  Already it’s May and we’ve barely had two weeks of decent weather – and that fell during the week days and not at the week end!

I’ve been out only twice in the last month both times I wanted to experiment with taking seascapes and on the first occasion, as the forecast was for cloudy, misty weather, I thought it would make for some atmospheric images.  Up on location at the crack of dawn – blue skies and barely any clouds never mind any mist.  Not what I was hoping for but I thought I may as well made the most of it.

One thing I wanted to work on was to bracket my images – one over exposed, one under and one ‘correctly’ exposed.  I wanted to experiment with merging these images to create an image with more dynamic range without, hopefully, looking like HDR which I think looks awful for most landscapes.  Not sure how successful I was.  With the third image I also tried to give it a ‘film’ look with a more muted colours.  Other variations included long exposures and black and white conversion.



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